About our work, customization and product development

Fiber design offers a wide range of high quality instruments. These standard instruments are used in many applications.
Our standard range :
.Fiber Optic Reflection and transmission probes
.Fiber Optic Process probes
.Fiber Optic feedthroughs
.Fiber Optic Vacuum cables
.Fiber Optic cables
.Fiber Optic Accessories

customized Fiber Optics
Actually customization is our standard. In addition to our standardized products, we can help you with customized products. So we would like to get started for you to achieve the best end result. We will develop a new product for you or attune and customize your own product. This offers you the opportunity to implement  the product in your current application without having to make many concessions.

Product Development
An important part of our work is designing user-friendly optical measuring instruments. Therefore we perform product development  and do the 3D CAD engineering in-house so we can test the customized prototypes on assembling and user friendliness. During development many things are taken into account :choice of materials, chemical resistance, temperature, vacuum, pressure, etc. Of paramount importance to us are customer friendliness, providing leading technology and offering excellent service and fiber optic instruments to complete your implementation.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.