Transmission Dip Probe With Interchangeable Dip Tips

For the measurement of absorbance and transmission in solutions, this probe is equipped with removeable dip Tips which enables the end-user to adjust the optical pathlength of 5,10 and 20mm. Illumination happens with a collimated beam through the sample onto a special backcoated mirror, the reflected light beam passes back through the sample once more and is coupled into the read fibre for connection to the spectrometer/detector.

  • Transmission Dip Probe 6,35mm (1/4'')
    Transmission Dip Probe 6,35mm
Multimode Wavelengths Step Index
Product specifications
Fiber Type Multimode Step Index
Wavelength range UV–Vis-NIR (190nm-1250nm)  Vis–NIR(300nm–2400nm) "Broad spectrum fiber on request"
Core diameters 400 and 600 micron
Numerical Aperture Na. 0.22 ± 0.02, cone 25,4 degr.
Fiber construction 2 x 400um or 2 x 600um
Connectors SMA 905 connectors "FC/PC and ST on request"
Protection sleeve Stainless Steel 304 sleeve
Outher diameter dip-tube 6,35mm (1/4'')
Probe dip-tube material Stainless Steel 316 "1.4404"
Immersion Depth 150mm
Optical pathlength Fixed 5-10-20mm
Operating temperature -20°C to +125°C "High temperature on request"
Sealing Epoxy glue
Optics material Fused Sillica

Further options
Broad spectrum fiber 275nm-2100nm
High temperature up to +300°C
FC/PC or ST connectors.
Immersion Depth up to 300mm
Fully customized