Mini Transmission Dip Probe For Limited Access And Small Volumes

For absorption measurements in liquid samples with low volumes or applications  that have limited access, this high efficiency fibre optic Mini Dip Probe has been released with a Ø 2.5mm measurement tube, 10mm optical path length and can be delivered in two wavelengths ranges UV-VIS-NIR (200-1100nm) or VIS-NIR (350-2000nm).

  • Transmission Dip Probe Mini
    Mini Transmission Dip Probe
Multimode Wavelengths Step Index

Product specifications
Fiber Type Multimode Step Index
Wavelength range UV–Vis-NIR (190nm-1250nm)  Vis–NIR(300nm–2400nm) "Broad spectrum fiber on request"
Core diameters 200, 400 and 600 micron
Numerical Aperture Na. 0.22 ± 0.02, cone 25,4 degr.
Fiber constructions Six around one 200um / 2 x 400um and 2 x 600um
Connectors SMA 905 connectors "FC/PC and ST on request"
Protection sleeve Stainless Steel sleeve
Outher diameter dip-tube 2.5mm or 3,18mm
Probe dip-tube material Stainless Steel 316 "1.4404"
Immersion Depth 100 mm
Optical pathlength Fixed 10mm
Operating temperature -20°C to +125°C "High temperature on request"
Sealing Epoxy glue
Optics material Sapphire

Further options
Broad spectrum fiber 275nm-2100nm
High temperature up to +300°C
FC/PC or ST connectors.
Immersion Depth up to 300mm
Fully customized