Process Probe For Industrial Reflection Measurment.

Our Industrial Reflection Probe is available with six-around-one or twelfe around one fiber compositions, with Stainless Steel or Hastelloy barrel and special Sapphire window, the probe is extremely rugged and durable without a loss of sensitivity.

  • Industrial Reflection Probe
    Industrial Reflection Probe
  • Industrial Reflection Probe
Multimode Wavelengths Step Index
Product specifications
Fiber type Multimode Step Index
Wavelength range UV–Vis-NIR (190nm-1250nm)  Vis–NIR(300nm–2400nm) "Broad spectrum fiber on request"
Core diameters 200, 400 and 200/600 micron
Numerical Aperture Na. 0.22 ± 0.02, cone 25,4 degr.
Fiber construction: 6 around 1 or 12 around 1
Connection SMA 905 connectors
Protection Stainless Steel sleeve round 6mm
Barrel 303 Stainless Steel 12,7x200mm
Optics Sapphire window
Operating temperature -20°C to +100°C "High temperature on request"
Standard length 2 meter total length
Product code Core diam. Wavelength
303-2002UV 200um UV-Vis-NIR
303-2002IR 200um Vis-NIR
303-4002UV 400um UV-Vis-NIR
303-4002IR 400um Vis-NIR
303-2006002UV 200/600um UV-Vis-NIR
303-2006002IR 200/600um Vis-NIR

Further options
Broad spectrum fiber 275nm-2100nm
High temperature up to +300°C
FC/PC or ST connectors.
Fully customized