(UHV) Fiber Optic Feedthrougs With SMA Male Connectors

For ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) developed Fiberdesign these Fiber Optic Feedthroughs equipped with SMA male connectors. the use of fiber optic adapters is reuired to couple fiber cables. These fiber optic vacuüm feedthroughs are available with multimode step index fiber, multiple versions up to 6 feedthroughs mounted in one flange and in material quality Stainless Steel 304.

  • Fiber Optic Feedthroughs (UHV) SMA-Male
    Fiber Optic Feedthroughs (UHV) SMA-Male
  • Fiber optic feedthrough CF16
  • Fiber optic feedthrough KF25
    Fiber optic feedthrough KF25
Multimode Wavelengths Step Index Fiber optic feedthrough CF16


Product specifications

Fiber Type

Multimode step index

Core Sizes Multimode 50µm up to 1000µm
Wavelengths Multimode UV–Vis-NIR (190nm-1250nm)  Vis–NIR(300nm–2400nm) "Broad spectrum fiber on request"
Numerical Aperture Na. 0.22 ± 0.02, cone 25,4 degr. "High Na. on request"
Flange types KF, CF and ISO
Flange material Stainless Steel 304L (1.4307) or 316L (1.4404)
Feedthrough material Stainless Steel 304L (1.4307)
Connectortype Male SMA-905 connectors both sides
Operating temperature -20°C to +125°C "High temperature on request"
Tested 10-10 mbarL/s

Further options
Multiple feedthroughs, up to 6 pieces, depending on flange type
Hybrid feedthroughs with SMA, FC, ST connections or custom design
Broad spectrum fiber 275nm-2100nm
Fully customized