Fiber Optic Right Angle Collimator Mount

Our Right Angle Collimator Mount features a mirror that reflects light under 90°, this Black anodised Aluminium assembly has two 3/8-24 threaded ports so that made it possible to mount collimating lenses, connectors or 1/4" ferrules under 90°. Please note that the 502-CLH90 comes without collimating lens.

  • Right Angle Collimator Mount
    Right Angle Collimator Mount
  • Collimating Lens
Mirror Spectra Collimating Lens
Material Black anidized aluminium
Dimensions 16x26x26mm
Mirror coating UV-enhanced aluminum
Reflectivity >80% @ 200-1200 nm
Threaded ports 3/8-24
Ferrule holder Ø10x10mm, Ø6.35mm ID.

Further options
High temperature up to 250ºc
Fully customized design

Product code Description
502-90CLH Aluminium Richt Angle Collimator Mount, dimensions 16x26x26mm, wavelength 200-1200nm