Fiber Optic Collimating Lens Assembly

The UV-Vis-NIR range collimating lenses have a two-part housing of stainless steel. The distance between the lens and the tip of the connector can be adjusted by moving the inner connector ferrule in the lens housing. This adjustment allows the user to create a collimated beam of light with a diffraction limited divergence angle over the entire spectral range (180nm to 2000nm).

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    Collimating Lenses
Transmission Fused Silica Collimating Lens Stainless Steel
Product specifications
Lens material Fused Silica
Focal length 8.7mm
Lens diameter 6mm
Wavelength range 180nm to 2000nm
Body material Stainless Steel Housing
Focus Adjustable
Connection SMA and FC/PC
External thread UNF 3/8-24
Operating Temp. 100ºc max.

Further options
Several AR coatings
High temperature up to 250ºc
Fully customized design

Product code Description
502-CL01 Collimating lens Assembly, uncoated,  wavelength: 180nm to 2000nm, connection: SMA
502-CL01/FC Collimating lens Assembly, uncoated, wavelength: 180nm to 2000nm, connection: FC/PC