Welcome to the Fiberdesign website, we are developers and manufacturers of high-end fiber optic instruments.

  • Fiber Optic  Feedthroughs UHV and Hermetic

    Fiber Optic Feedthroughs

    Fiber Optic Feedthroughs UHV and Hermetic for many vacuum aplications, available with the most common flange types and optical connector sockets..

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  • Fiber Optic Reflection And Transmission Probes

    Fiber Optic Reflection And Transmission Probes

    Fiber Optic Reflection And Transmission probes are a widely used solution for the measurement of absorption, reflection and transmission, for example colors, powders or in liquid.

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  • Fiber Optic Cables And Multi Branch Assemblies

    Fiber Optic Cables

    These standard fiber optic cables with multimode and singlemode step index fiber are available in different wavelengths "UV–Vis-NIR (190nm-1250nm) Vis–NIR(300nm–2400nm)", divided into two categories, the Fibercables and Multi Branch Cables,

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  • Fiber Optic Collimating Accessoires

    Fiber Optic Collimating Accessoires

    Our Fiber Optic Collimating Accessories contain fiber optic collimating lenses, right angle collimator mounts and the variable collimating lens holder.

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Our work

Fiber design offers a wide range of high quality instruments. These standard instruments are used in many applications.
Our standard range :
.Fiber Optic Reflection and transmission probes
.Fiber Optic feedthroughs
.Fiber Optic Vacuum cables
.Fiber Optic cables
.Fiber Optic Accessories

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Who we are

Fiberdesign is located in the old harbour of Deventer "The Netherlands" and was founded in 2007 by René Reinhart. After 20 years of fulfilling several different posts in engineering, as a precision mechanic in the semiconductor industry and as a product developer at a fiber optical spectrometer manufacturer 

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Who we work for

Because of its specific expertise and year-long experience Fiberdesign has proved to be a trustworthy partner for companies and organisations worldwide and in all sectors of industry and science. And successfully, because its customer base is continuously increasing.

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